Power the world's next BIG thing

Power the next BIG thing

You don't need to be a coder to get in on the tech game. Back cutting-edge technology with Zuper Tech.

Start investing your super your way, today. 

Power the next BIG thing


Innovation empowers humanity

We've come a long way from cassette recordings, fax machines.. and even the first iPhone. But investing in the future of tech can be tricky. 

Unless you're some sort of stock market guru, you may be asking yourself, 'what's the next big thing?' or 'which tech start-ups are really onto something?'.

At Zuper we make it simpler to jump into tech investment and empower humanity. 

With Zuper Tech, 20% of your super will be invested in companies like this:

Cars, home batteries, solar roof tiles and supercars. This incredible company is creating an affordable way for us to do everything from drive to work without a drop of fuel to creating and storing our own power at home. 

One of the most innovative companies of our time. From the iPod to the Macbook, Apple consistently strive to push technology further with experience and aesthetics working together. 

Where would we be without the ability to Google? From search to voice activation, from AI to Android and the Pixel phone, Google is pushing the boundaries of code and hardware to help us thrive. 




Power the next BIG thing

Create the future you want - for yourself and the world

You aren't a lazy thinker. You're the type of person who makes smart, active decisions about your future and the future of the world. 

That's why we've put the power back in your hands.

We've structured Zuper Super to give you more choice - the power to customise your investment mix, the types of companies your super is funding and which industries you avoid. 

20% in tech sounds great - but what about the other 80%

We want you to achieve financial freedom, which is why we invest the remaining 80% of your super into one of these two options. Both are designed for maximum financial growth.



Our lowest cost option with a growth orientated based that excludes investments in tobacco and nuclear weapons. 

Annual fee: 0.99%

All the goodness of Impact, but we've done our best to remove things like gambling, pornography, alcohol and fossil fuels.

Annual fee: 1.09%

Who is Zuper?

We’re just like you. Young, innovative, and passionate about the world we live in.

And unlike other superannuation companies, we support smart businesses that are transforming healthcare, science and technology.

We know that between now and the day you retire you can’t touch your super. So you might as well make sure it’s working towards a future you’re passionate about. 

As featured in:

"I feel amazing every day knowing my super is invested in the world I care about, Zuper was so simple, but powerful."

Brooke Chilcott

Building her world with  Zuper

You won’t be alone 


Switch to Zuper Tech and see what customised super can do for you

With Zuper, you can make a positive impact on the planet, while also building wealth for your future. To put your super into action today, simply  click below to get started. 

Start investing your super your way and let's start unf*cking the planet together. 

Invest in the next BIG thing

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