Power your future with your super.

Zuper Superannuation lets you invest your super in the tech of tomorrow. Plus, if you join, we'll even make a donation to Snepo FabLabs on your behalf.

Future Tech

Super is all about the future. But creating the future happens right now. Zuper Tech lets you invest your super in future focused companies like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Nvidia, iRobot and Google.

Power your Brain

Being a student never ends. Our Learn More Earn More program gives Zuper members exclusive discounts on data science, UX, personal branding and coding courses, plus many more!

If you join, choose Snepo as your Instant Impact option, and we'll make a donation on your behalf. It doesn’t cost you a cent, but it does pay forward to the future, pretty much instantly.

Super 101

Hear from our CEO and Co-Founder Jess on why you need to get pumped about your super!

Zuper isn't just a new super company

It's an entirely new way of thinking about superannuation.

Our intern Han Ju is our resident gun author, hunting down amazing stories about the companies you are invested in when you join Zuper. Read her latest blog on how Microsoft are leading the charge to bring diversity to tech.

Microsoft Leads in Bringing More Colour to Tech

"Quick, simple and felt like I was taking back control over something important and powerful. Amazed at the ease of consolidating my super after putting it off for so long."

James Want, Founder, The Versatile Gent

Get everything you’d expect, plus some wonderful things you wouldn’t from the first super company that truly has your best interests at heart.

It all adds up to be extremely powerful super

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